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Voice Ark reveals flexible system designed specifically for ADR & VO
Voice Ark has revealed a mobile system to effectively deal with the acoustic challenges of voice recording whilst being easily transported and set up ... Keep reading


Voice Ark was developed by Milos Stojanovic, a freelance sound engineer with 13 years’ experience in sound post-production and can be used to record ADR and Voiceovers for Film, TV, Animation and Audiobooks.

He wanted to create a solution to deal with the often unpredictable environments synonymous with remote recording and come up with an efficient system of capturing high-quality audio. Voice Ark does just that: It is a mobile, transportable system that can transform your home, production office, or sound stage into a professional recording environment.

Some of the facilities he collaborates with include Halo Post-production, WB De Lane Lea, SNK Studios, Creative Outpost, Hackenbacker, Soho Square Studios and Azimuth Post and his work has been featured in worldwide cinema releases and programmes on BBC, ITV and Sky including streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Below is a list of some of his recent ADR Recording/Mixing work.



Mark Appleby

“I recently worked with Milos and his Voiceark remote ADR system and was very impressed with the setup and high standard of results. I connected with him via Source Connect and Zoom from my studio at Goldcrest in London. He had the actors and director with him onsite where they were filming and I ran the session remotely connecting the dialogue editor and producer to them. With a bit of clever patching and routing at both ends, the session was as close to a normal ADR recording as you could imagine. I look forward to working with Milos and Voiceark again in the near future.”

Mark Appleby Senior ADR Mixer at Goldcrest Studios, London

Gavin Rose

"I’ve worked with Milos many times over the years in different ADR studios. He has always been a safe pair of hands and has a great attitude, making sure the sessions run smoothly. He also reads the room very well, knows what to say and when to say it, helping steer the talent and clients towards the best performances and recordings. Top guy."

Gavin Rose Freelance Sound Editor

Tom Williams

"Milos produces top quality ADR whichever studio he’s in and runs the room like a pro. His extensive knowledge of sound editing and final mixing means you’re covered from all angles. A pleasure to work with and an all round lovely human being, what more do you want!"

Tom Williams Dialogue Editor at Boom Post

David Turner

"At Halo we have been using Milos for ADR, voice and crowd recording sessions for some time now. He is technically very competent and always brings high standards of quality and professionalism to his work. No complexity of task seems to phase him, and our clients love working with him and are always pleased with the results. Highly recommended!"

David Turner Head of Film & Drama (Senior Business Development) at Halo Post Production

Chris Roberts AMPS

"Milos is a very experienced ADR Mixer. Always great to work with, reliable and calm in the studio he takes a very professional approach to his work. Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together!"

Chris Roberts AMPS Resound Sound Ltd.

Jack Whitney

"Milos is by far one of the best ADR Mixers in town, he’s my go-to freelancer. Super professional and extremely reliable, I would recommend him to anyone!"

Jack Whitney Senior Producer & Head of ADR at SNK Studios

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